Focal Area: Climate Change

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Climate Change


This part of our website is no longer current. Please click here to learn about our current work. 


Through its work on climate change, the Center for Ocean Solutions seeks to develop innovative solutions to enhance ecosystem and human community resiliency to climate change impacts.  We also seek to improve the policies governing climate change mitigation and adaptation. The Center develops and executes research, education and communication strategies to achieve these goals.


Climate change is expected to have unprecedented impacts on our ocean and coastal systems.The Center works on issues associated with:

  • Sea level rise
  • Ocean acidification
  • Ecosystem shifts
  • Ocean Hypoxia


Cumulative Impacts in Marine and Coastal Systems

The Center aims to harmonize the law, science and practice of cumulative impact assessment to better manage human activities that impact coasts and oceans.

Coastal Adaptation Projects: INCCAP and the REIP grant

Our coastal adaptation projects work to enable the California Coastal Commission and local governments to use a broader range of planning options for adapting to climate change.

Kelp Forest Array

The Kelp Forest Array "brings the lab to the ocean" as a state-of-the-art cabled platform for observational and experimental science aimed at monitoring and understanding local impacts of global climate change.

Ocean Tipping Points

The Ocean Tipping Points project embeds the science of ecological tipping points into ocean management.


Climate Change

Working Groups

This part of our website is no longer current. Please click here to learn about our current work. 


The Center for Ocean Solutions believes that convening the best minds across multiple disciplines is key to creating solutions. Our working groups bring those minds together to discuss big ocean problems and craft implementable strategies. 

Climate Change and Coral Reefs


Assessed the state of knowledge on the predicted responses of coral reefs to rising temperatures, ocean acidification and sea-level rise

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Climate Change and Top Predators


Developed conservation recommendations for endangered and highly mobile ocean predators that face unprecedented threats

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Coastal Hypoxia in the California Current Large Marine Ecosystem

Identified the patterns, drivers and consequences of coastal hypoxia in the California current large marine ecosystem.


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Climate Change


This part of our website is no longer current. Please click here to learn about our current work. 


Climate Change focal area projects and working groups have produced a suite of reports and related publications.

Featured climate change literature covers topics that include:

-Coastal climate adaptation planning

-Ocean acidification

-Marine protected area monitoring

-Climate change and top predators

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