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Data Management and Visualization Training

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As environmental issues increase in scale and scope, there will be an increasing need to “tell the story” of monitoring and conservation efforts. To address this need, data enthusiasts have an opportunity to expand their knowledge base in working with complex data sets to creatively convey impactful, data-driven messages to a variety of audiences. Through a collaborative partnership, we have co-developed  a compilation of training materials intended to provide an accessible, digestible resource for anyone interested in any aspect of data management or visualization.

Data Management and Visualization Training

These Data Management and Visualization training materials stem from a multi-year engagement amongst the Palau International Coral Reef Center (PICRC), the Stanford Center for Ocean Solutions (COS), and the National Center for Ecological Analysis and Synthesis (NCEAS) through financial support by Future Earth.

The funding supported a collaborative working group requested by former Palauan President, Tommy Remengesau, Jr. to investigate major implications of the full implementation of the Palau National Marine Sanctuary and compile a report of the findings (see PICRC page or COS page). One key lesson from that experience was the importance of enhancing the capacity for managing and visualizing data-driven messages to more effectively communicate significant management findings.

Project Goals

In this training package, participants will learn about three core elements of data management and visualization:

  1. Data Best Practices - including management of data resources, cleaning datasets, and normalizing & standardizing data sets and databases.
  2. Visualizing Data - including a focus on using Tableau software to build or enhance visualization skills and resources.
  3. Storytelling - including core principles in overall data communication, lessons in building and telling stories using data sets, and working with external partners on visuals (such as graphic designers).

Content Overview


Alfredo Girón-Nava
Allison Dedrick
Eric Hartge
Lilli Kalani Wakinekona Carlsen
Alema Senesesa Malietoa Fitisemanu III

Project Partners

Palau International Coral Reef Center
Geraldine Rengil
Masasinge Tellei Hideos
Louw Claassens
Christina Muller-Karanassos

Explore some of PICRC’s data stories!


National Center for Ecological Analysis and Synthesis

Ben Halpern
Amber Budden
Geoff Willard
Jeanette Clark


Funding Statement

This effort has been made possible through funding contributions from Future Earth in collaboration with the National Center for Ecological Analysis and Synthesis and the Palau International Coral Reef Center.

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