Land-Sea Interactions Literature

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Ocean acidification and hypoxia


Coastal adaptation

Water quality and human health




Marine and Coastal Impacts of Desalination in California.

Ocean acidification and hypoxia

Ocean acidification: California MPA threats assessment, legal and policy gap analysis

Ten ways states can combat ocean acidification (and why they should)

Washington State’s legal and policy options for combating ocean acidification in state waters

Why ocean acidification matters and California, and what California can do about it: A report on the power of California’s state government to address ocean acidification in state waters

Patterns and potential drivers of declining oxygen content along the Southern California coast

Mitigating local causes of ocean acidification with existing laws


Quantifying air-sea gas exchange using noble gases in a coastal upwelling zone

Diurnal heat balance for the northern Monterey Bay inner shelf

Coastal fronts set recruitment and connectivity patterns across multiple taxa

Stratified turbulence in the nearshore coastal ocean: Dynamics and evolution in the presence of internal bores

Comparison of mixing efficiency and vertical diffusivity models from temperature microstructure

Submarine groundwater discharge to a high-energy surf zone at Stinson Beach, California, estimated using radium isotopes

Coastal adaptation

Climate adaptation planning in the Monterey Bay Region: An iterative spatial framework for engagement at the local level

Evaluation of erosion mitigation alternatives for the Southern Monterey Bay

Chapter 9: Coastal Issues

Ecomarkets for conservation and sustainable development in the coastal zone

Coastal & Marine Spatial Planning: Legal Considerations

Water quality and human health

Characterization of fecal concentrations in human and other animal sources by physical, culture-based, and quantitative real-time PCR methods

The limits of water quality criteria

Dissolved inorganic nitrogen soluble reactive phosphorous, and microbial pollutant loading from tropical rural watershed in Hawai’I to the coastal ocean

Geographical variation of persistent organic pollutant in eggs of threatened loggerhead sea turtles (caretta caretta) from Southeastern United States

Bacterial pathogens in Hawaiian coastal streams—Associations with fecal indicators, land cover, and water quality

Covariation and photo inactivation of traditional and novel indicator organisms and human viruses at a sewage-impacted marine beach

Persistence of nucleic acid markers of health-relevant organisms in seawater microcosms: Implications for their use assessing risk in recreational waters

Remote detection of marine microbes, small invertebrates, harmful algae, and biotoxins using the environmental sample processor (ESP)

Near real-time, autonomous detection of marine bacterioplankton on a coastal mooring in Monterey Bay, California, using rRNA-targeted DNA probes

Growth and enterococci in unaltered unseeded beach sand subjected to tidal wetting

Field applications of the second-generation environmental sample processor (ESP) for remote detection of harmful algae: 2006-2007