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The Monterey Area Research Institutions' Network for Education (MARINE) program is now being piloted under the University of California at Santa Cruz's new Coastal Science and Policy (CS&P) program. As such, we will be retiring this site in the coming weeks. Please see the new contact information below. We look forward to this new and exciting chapter in MARINE's history!


CS&P MARINE Faculty and Staff:

  • Mark Carr, Interim Co-Director,
  • Don Croll, Interim Co-Director,
  • Kelly Newton Zilliacus, Administrator & Graduate Student Coordinator,
  • Melissa Cronin, Graduate Student Assistant,




Social Media:


Newsletter: Will continue under same distributor (MailChimp); no need to re-sign up if already on email list

Calendar: Linked to new account; link forthcoming

Jobs Board: TBD


See Past MARINE Events

MARINE Calendar

MARINE highlights events happening at partner institutions as well as those happening within the Monterey Bay area.

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Quarterly Event Plan

Get a big-picture perspective on the events we have planned on the horizon.

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Past Events

Over the past several years, MARINE has offered a multitude of events and activities.

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Who We Are

MARINE (Monterey Area Research Institutions' Network for Education) provides professional development opportunities to prepare future ocean leaders for interdisciplinary real world problem-solving. MARINE is a collaboration between The Center for Ocean Solutions and seven Monterey Bay area academic campuses.




Learn more about MARINE's mission, who we are, and our seven partner campuses.

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Campus Liaisons

Get to know our campus liaisons.

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What We Do

MARINE offers graduate students professional development opportunities based in communication, collaboration and innovation.

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Connect with MARINE

Social Media

Want to know the latest from MARINE? Stay up-to-date through our social media platforms.

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Enjoy stories from MARINE as students flex their #scicomm skills through our blog.

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Resources for Participants

Job Board

MARINE shares career and internship opportunities in ocean and environmental science, policy, education, and communication.

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Career Resources

  MARINE works to connect graduate students with career opportunities through a variety of career resources.

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Education and Teaching

COS works to create sharable workshop and course curriculum from our leadership development activities for use by our partners, collaborators, and other education programs.

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"Passport" hopes to illuminate MOUs between Monterey area institutions allowing graduate students to register for courses at different campuses in the region.

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Wicked Problems

MARINE's Wicked Problems course series focuses on current issues facing the world's oceans

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Ocean Policy

Every other summer, MARINE runs a two-week crash course on ocean policy.

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