Connect With MARINE

MARINE utilizes social media platforms to help connect our ocean-interested graduate and early career community, share news and opportunities, and impart important career skills.



Follow MARINE's Twitter feed to see the latest stories and events from both our campus and regional partners, as well as find ocean-related learning opportunities within the Monterey Area, and learn professional development tips and tricks.



Similar to Twitter, MARINE uses Facebook to reach a wide audience with interesting news stories and upcoming events. Like MARINE’s Facebook page to see more of what MARINE has to offer.


MARINE’s blog page offers graduate students and alumni a means of improving their science communication skills by sharing their research and experiences with a broader public audience. Read MARINE’s blog to read personal stories from our community.


The MARINE community forum on LinkedIn is designed to aid online networking between our participants, alumni and partners. Here, we encourage forum members to share resources and experiences, and connect to our curated list of ocean-related employment opportunities from across the nation. Join MARINE’s LinkedIn group to take advantage of these opportunities. MARINE participants and volunteers are also able to tag our organizational page on their own profiles.


MARINE shares videos of past seminars. Follow MARINE’s YouTube channel to watch seminars you may have missed.