Vision for Passport System

Leaders of Monterey area ocean research institutions have discussed the idea of a “passport”, orcross-campus course registration system, between and among the Monterey Bay area campuses formore than a decade.  The vision is to allow students from each graduate institution (or specificdepartments at each institution) to have the opportunity to enroll in graduate-level courses inparticipating programs at other Monterey area institutions for official credit, and at no, or minimal,cost to the student.  Since 2009, the Center for Ocean Solutions has worked with partners in theMonterey Bay region to realize the vision of such a system.


This arrangement acknowledges the relative characteristics and strengths of each institution, and allows qualified students to benefit from the various academic programs and resources provided by each institution.  Mutually beneficial ties between the institutions will maximize information exchange on MARINE-related research topics through the development of regional linkages and student and faculty collaborations. This arrangement also allows the Monterey Bay area to become a highly sought after location to engage in graduate ocean-focused studies, benefiting all institutions in the area.

Using Passport

Check our Course Clearinghouse to view what ocean-related courses are available at the Passport campuses. Click on the name of your campus to learn how you can use the Passport system:


Feel free to contact if you have any questions.