Wicked Marine Problems Course Series

The Wicked Marine Problems course series focuses on pressing issues facing today’s oceans. The courses are designed to condense all of the primary leadership skills that MARINE seeks to foster in students and early career professionals, and prompts them to utilize these skills in the context of a real-world problem or ocean-related topic. Dive into more detail about each of our completed courses below.

Navigating Wicked Marine Problems

Commercial shipping is essential to international trade, consumer goods and the global economy, but can impact the marine environment. Container ships use vessel traffic schemes that often overlap with important marine areas, creating unintended pressures and associated impacts to marine ecosystems, including whales. In particular, ship strikes are a threat to endangered blue, right, humpback, and fin whales, and ship noise can affect important mating and feeding behavior of whales as well as other marine life. In this course, the issue of whale and vessel interactions was used as a case study to help students identify threats, pressures, and policy responses of a complex, or "wicked", ocean-based problem.

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Multidisciplinary Approaches to Coastal Climate Adaptation

In this course students will exploerd te the skills and techniques relevant for carrying out a substantive original multidisciplinary research project
 with a focus on human adaptation to the coastal impacts of climate change. Discussion topics included coastal hazards, socioeconomic characteristics, and vulnerability of coastal communities to the impacts of climate change, as well as relevant adaptation alternatives.

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