July 27, 2017

Story: Announcing our 2016 Annual Report

Over the last year The Center for Ocean Solutions worked with incredible scientists, policy makers and innovators to address and solve some of the ocean’s most difficult challenges. The 2016 Annual Report breaks down some exciting projects we have worked on over the last year, including updates on current ongoing projects like Environmental DNA, recaps from completed projects like “Bright Spots” research and a Q&A with Cassandra Brooks, one of the main scientists who pushed forward for the establishment of the largest international Marine Protected Area, the Ross Sea. Other stories covered include our Ocean Tipping Points project and their brand new website, showcasing four years of synthesized data and knowledge based tools for ocean management. The report also expands on the MARINE program, highlighting key events that they focused on this last year to support young incoming scientists of the future.

Don’t miss the welcome video starring Science Director Larry Crowder as he recaps some of the most relevant projects of the last year and welcomes in our two new co-directors, Fiorenza Micheli and Jim Leape.

Read the Report here

Watch the welcome video here