October 6, 2014

Story: Center Researchers Lead Symposium at International Marine Conservation Conference

Researchers at the Center for Ocean Solutions traveled to Glasgow, Scotland in August for the 3rd annual International Marine Conservation Congress (IMCC).  Early Career Fellows Sarah Reiter and Megan Mach hosted a joint symposium–focus group entitled "Integrating law and science to inform and improve the practice of cumulative effects assessments."

The symposium synthesized the Center's interdisciplinary cumulative effects research, identifying opportunities to move the practice closer to the science while working within existing legal mandates.

The focus group consisted of participants from the broader science and management communities to identify opportunities and strategies for improving the integration of cumulative effects in environmental assessments from the legal and scientific perspectives. They will work with participants to identify key challenges; draw on existing experience; and brainstorm available and progressive research, tools and data to account for cumulative effects.

Early Career Science Fellow Megan Mach presents on the State of the Science at IMCC.