November 27, 2018

Story: New "Oceans by Design" course featured in The Stanford Daily

Header Photo Credit: Emily Wan / The Stanford Daily


"Oceans by Design" (DESINT 250) was featured on the front page of today's Stanford Daily student newspaper. Read feature here >


In DESINST 250: Oceans by Design, COS and the are collaborating to apply human-centered design thinking to sustainable solutions for ocean issues. The three-unit course will focus on three such issues — marine pollution, overfishing and climate change — and will be offered in winter to between 20 and 25 graduate students, undergraduate students, fellows and post-docs chosen from an applicant pool.


DESINST 250 will be taught by teaching fellows Erika Woolsey, Kevin Chand L.L.M. ’17 and Lesley-Ann Noel, who collectively possess expertise in marine biology, law and design respectively.


“We will give you a broad question, but your group is going to find a specific question around your interest and your area of expertise,” Noel said. “Everybody’s solution is going to be completely different … That’s the beauty of design education, that there are no right or wrong answers and it’s really your experience that leads to a solution.”


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