April 27, 2017

Story: New Video Release: First of a Series of Solutions

The Center for Ocean Solutions is excited to release our first episode in our new Series of Solutions video series: The Mentors and the Intern.

Series of Solutions: The Mentors and the Intern

This first episode highlights the valuable role that nature provides in protecting coastal communities, and follows the story of intern Monica Moritsch as she discovers how her ecology background can directly inform coastal policy.

Natural habitats, such as wetlands and sand dunes, play an important role in protecting coastal communities from climate change impacts including sea level rise, erosion, and storm surge. The Center for Ocean Solutions is working with the Natural Capital Project, city planners, and many other collaborators to develop map-based online tools to help cities across California identify vulnerable coastlines and prioritize the protection of habitats that provide the most protection to these regions.

​The Series of Solutions, supported in part by Conservation Media Group, features four ocean research endeavors led by Center for Ocean Solutions or Stanford University researchers. The Series also focuses on the critical role that early career scientists are playing in ocean research, whether through doctoral research, internships, or fellowships. We hope that this series not only brings to light some of the innovative solutions our researchers are finding to address ocean challenges, but also emphasizes the importance of mentorship, interdisciplinary, and teamwork in scientific research. ​

Watch the Video on YouTube here