September 5, 2018

Story: Ocean Design Teaching Fellows


We are excited to announce our first cohort of the Ocean Design Teaching Program, a fellowship that highlights deep experience in design, ocean science and international policy. The Ocean Design Teaching Program is a 12 month fellowship aimed at developing excellence in the experiential teaching and learning of design as related to critical interdisciplinary challenges. In 2018-2019, the fellowship is co-hosted with Stanford's Fellows will work together to co-develop and teach a course on Design for the Oceans and explore opportunities at the intersection of these disciplines – with an eye out for other domains as well. They’ll build new methods, create artifacts and participate in a range of projects with the broader and Center for Ocean Solutions communities. 

The fellows will be diving into several key questions over the next 12 months, including:
•    How can we deepen the design domain by applying it toward critical ocean challenges?
•    How can future ocean leaders gain value from design thinking?
•    What are new discoveries that emerge where design and oceans intersect?

And that’s just the beginning.

“When two waves meet each other in the ocean, crest to crest, their amplitude doubles. When two disciplines meet each other at the…we aim to at least match the laws of physics. Here’s to a new collaboration!” – Carissa Carter, Director of Teaching & Learning, Stanford

“With two disciplines as dynamic and intricate as design and oceans, we have a deep excitement for the potential to explore their intersection in the coming year. Each Fellow brings a unique and elaborate story to the teaching cohort, making the opportunities seem boundless.” – Eric Hartge, Research Development Manager, Stanford Center for Ocean Solutions

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Lesley-Ann Noel >

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