January 11, 2019

Story: Oceans by Design Course Underway


Image Credit: Patrick Beaudouin

The Oceans by Design course, created in collaboration with the Stanford d.school, set sail on Tuesday afternoon. The course, taught by Ocean Design Teaching Fellows Kevin Chand, Lesley-Ann Noel and Erika Woolsey, combines design thinking, marine science and law to create multi-disciplinary solutions to ocean challenges. In the course, 34 students from across Stanford engineering, earth sciences, law, business, and humanities are applying a design lens to address global ocean threats while also proposing sustainable solutions to marine pollution, climate change and illegal fishing.

“We’re trying to combine two very complex topic areas that can be understood in different ways by different people and blend them together just to see what happens. [We want] to help unpack the mystery and the romance and the beauty of these two systems and see what comes together. We feel that there’s an opportunity for it to be more powerful than just the sum of the parts," says Research Development Manager Eric Hartge.


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