November 5, 2018

Story: "Oceans by Design" Winter Course

Interested in applying a design lens to addressing global ocean threats and proposing sustainable solutions?

Stanford COS and Ocean Design Fellows will be teaching a winter course, Oceans by Design. Applications are due November 30th. Learn more > 


The ocean is overexploited, underprotected, and out of mind. Marine ecosystems - on which global and human health rely - are degrading rapidly from the cumulative effects of climate change, pollution, overfishing, and habitat destruction. Multidisciplinary problem solving is required to address social, ecological, and economic dimensions and tackle today’s greatest oceans threats.

In this course, you will learn to combine marine science, policy, emerging tech, empathy, and rapid experimentation. For example you will:

- Apply different design approaches to ocean problems that vary in scale from human centered design to co-design to systems thinking.

- Create inclusive and diverse human systems that protect our ocean and address the intricate relationship between human society and environmental health

- Use emerging tech such as blockchain on problems like illegal, unregulated, and unreported fishing

- Communicate complex ocean issues like climate change through virtual reality to create emotional connections with the environment

- Use policy as a tool to scale up solutions you create


This class is co-hosted by the and the Center for Ocean Solutions and the teaching team has backgrounds in design, marine science, and law.

Even if you are a divemaster or have never been to the ocean, we want you to to join us! We hope to recruit a broad range of graduate and undergraduate students from across Stanford.