January 23, 2019

Story: Palumbi summer undergraduate researchers share experiences in Palau


Image Credit: Callan Hoskins

"Everyone worked hard in Palau, and I wouldn’t trade my experience this past summer for anything. I was thankful every day for the opportunity to spend five weeks with a motivated, exciting team in a beautiful field site like Palau. Most of all, I am grateful to have been a part of research that helps us better understand and preserve an ecosystem that I love and people depend on." -- Callan Hoskins '21


A recent three-part series on the Hopkins Marine Station High Tidings blog explores the summer research experiences of undergraduate students in the Palumbi lab. Colin Hyatt, Julien Ueda and Callan Hoskins discuss working with a research team, overcoming challenges and appreciating the beauty of Palau's ocean ecosystems. 


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