March 9, 2018

Story: Stanford Teaching Fellowship


The teaching fellowship is a 13 month program aimed at developing excellence in the experiential teaching and learning of design thinking as related to critical interdisciplinary challenges. In 2018-2019, the fellowship will be co-hosted with Stanford's Center for Ocean Solutions. 

The is looking for fellows that either have deep experience in design or an expertise in ocean science, policy, or the larger landscape of ecosystem health. This cohort of designer and ocean experts will work together to develop new content, courses, and opportunities at the intersection of design and the oceans. 

Fellows may come from either inside or outside the Stanford community. A master's degree and some work experience is required. The is looking for individuals that have excelled in their domain of expertise and are extremely excited about exploring the overlaps between these two disciplines. No prior cross-over experience between design and the oceans is necessary. 

Fellows will be expected to work in small groups as well as individually, and should equally love a high degree of autonomy, as well as continuous collaboration and feedback from peers and the larger community. 

If interested, please apply by Friday, April 8, 2018 @ 11:59pm. You can apply here>