Fri, 2017-01-27 17:30

Event: Studying Marine Fisheries as Coupled Social-Ecological Systems

Where: Main Lecture Hall, Long Marine Lab, UC Santa Cruz
When: Friday, January 27th, 5:30-7:30pm
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Marine fisheries and coastal communities around the world are experiencing increasing rates of change and uncertainty generated by climate change, global markets, and other large-scale processes. Understanding how these local systems can anticipate, adapt, and respond to change requires interdisciplinary science, novel research frameworks and techniques, and direct engagement with local communities on the ground. Elena Finkbeiner shares her academic trajectory and research experience in the social-ecological sciences, exploring topics such as sustainability, resilience, collective action, and well-being in small-scale fisheries of the California Current.


Speaker: Elena Finkbeiner

Elena Finkbeiner is an early career fellow at the Center for Ocean Solutions and a postdoctoral research fellow at Hopkins Marine Station. Her research explores how social-ecological systems can anticipate, respond, and adapt to change, and seeks to identify governance approaches that can achieve both environmental sustainability and human wellbeing. She uses small-scale fisheries as a model system for studying these processes, drawing from interdisciplinary science and a mix of qualitative and quantitative research methods, including surveys, interviews, analysis of official fisheries catch data, and game theory experiments. Elena earned her PhD in biology at Hopkins Marine Station of Stanford University, Masters in Environmental Management at Duke University, and BS in ecology and evolutionary biology at UC Santa Cruz.