August 29, 2018

Story: Welcome Annie Brett, First André Hoffman Fellow


We are pleased to welcome Annie Brett, our first André Hoffman Fellow, to the Stanford Center for Ocean Solutions team. The Hoffman Fellowship is a unique joint fellowship between the World Economic Forum's Center for the Fourth Industrial Revolution and the Stanford Center for Ocean Solutions. As a Hoffman Fellow, Annie will be working with World Economic Forum partners and Stanford faculty and researchers on initiatives to harness the power of the Fourth Industrial Revolution to achieve Sustainable Development Goal 14 – Life Below Water. Her primary role will be to lead projects developing applications of new and emerging technology to address ocean challenges, with a focus on data accuracy and security. She will also help organize an annual conference that brings together leaders, experts and innovators to find new opportunities.


Annie Brett received a B.A. from Harvard University and a JD/PhD from the University of Miami. Her doctoral research focused on how emerging environmental technologies can be effectively used to inform policy-making given scientific and legal constraints, using citizen science and autonomous underwater vehicles as case studies. Prior to her PhD, Annie spearheaded international ocean conservation initiatives for David Rockefeller Jr. and acted as the captain of a sailing research vessel that operated extensively throughout the Pacific Ocean. She has been recognized as the youngest female captain in the Pacific region and received numerous academic and governmental awards for her research and work on ocean conservation policies.

We are thrilled to welcome Annie to the team and are confident in her ability to contribute to our mission: creating innovations to sustain the resilience of the oceans and the people who depend on them.