Tegan C. Hoffman

Affiliated Researcher

Specialties: Coastal and Nearshore Environment, Coral Reefs, Ocean Conservation, Pacific Nations, Tropical Ecosystems

Tegan C. Hoffmann, Ph.D, leads the firm Blue Earth Consultants, LLC, which has collaborated on a number of key strategic efforts with The Center for Ocean Solutions (COS), most notably with its Pacific Ocean Initiative (POI).  Blue Earth Consultants was instrumental in facilitating every stage of this seminal project’s conceptualization, organization and implementation.    The initiative produced Ecosystems and People of the Pacific Ocean—Threats and Opportunities for Action: A Scientific Consensus Statement, a composite library of information that, for the first time in history, represents the voice of the scientific community in addressing the urgent threats facing the Pacific Ocean.

Blue Earth Consultants assisted COS in coordinating the scientific community around this effort.    POI’s initial product was a 100-page report made available to the public in 2009 entitled Pacific Ocean Meta-Analaysis: Scientific Literature Review and Synthesis of Coastal and Ocean Threats, Impacts, and Solutions, for which COS gave Blue Earth Consultants the task of systematically and comprehensively surveying more than 3,400 scientific articles and reports covering the entire Pacific Ocean.  This literature review became the basis of the Pacific Ocean Library, an on-line, fully-browsable, searchable database of all the relevant citations and abstracts from the journals, books, reports and foundational readings on the Pacific Ocean’s different regions.  With Blue Earth Consultants’ assistance and continuing maintenance, the POI Library has been praised as a unique and valuable resource for scientists, researchers and students of this critical global natural resource. 

Blue Earth Consultants has worked closely with COS in a number of other areas related to science integration. The firm has acted as a general consultant to COS in several areas of critical interest on a wide range of topics, such as programmatic design, workshop coordination, grant-writing and general research.  Capitalizing on establishment of the POI library, and realizing that the Library’s greatest impact will be in its application to Pacific Ocean threats, Blue Earth Consultants is supporting COS efforts to develop various derivative concept products and projects that will assist in the dissemination of the Library’s valuable knowledge and understanding, such as peer-reviewed journal publications, sector and regional solutions stemming from POI’s findings, and graduate-level university courses designed around bringing solutions to bear on the ocean’s threats. 

Dr. Hoffmann has over ten years of experience in coastal and ocean sustainable resource management.  Her expertise is in monitoring and evaluation, integration of science (natural and social) for policy and management, sustainable financing, applied research and synthesis, and strategic and business planning.  Currently she consults on both domestic and international coastal and ocean projects for governments, intergovernmental organizations, foundations and NGOs.  The firm has worked with academics, nongovernmental organizations and government agencies to improve the institutional arrangements, process, design and use of science for environmental policy and management.  She has facilitated and assisted in building and developing effective and focused programs and strategies for multiple coastal and ocean organizations, agencies, and stakeholder groups to achieve greater results.  Blue Earth Consultants has conducted evaluations and developed tools and frameworks to measure success.  Dr. Hoffmann has published on how to measure and evaluate effectiveness and success of conservation and resource management projects, as well as integrate adaptive management processes into monitoring and evaluation plans.  Blue Earth Consultants has consulted for the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation, the MacArthur Foundation, The David and Lucile Packard Foundation, the Morgan Family Foundation, the Pew Conservation Fellows, Resource Legacy Fund Foundation, Mexican Fund for the Conservation of Nature (FMCN), Shaman Pharmaceuticals, UNESCO World Heritage Centre, California Ocean Science Trust, California Ocean Protection Council, Rare, the World Bank, WWF and other international organizations, non-governmental organizations and government ministries.  Graduating from the University of California Berkeley, Tegan Hoffmann holds a Masters and Ph.D in Geography and a B.S. in Conservation Resource Studies.  She is widely published and received numerous awards and research grants for her work from organizations including the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s STAR Fellowship, NOAA, NFWF, University California’s Pacific Rim Research Program, the U.S. Indonesia Society and others.  Dr. Hoffmann has developed and conducted several trainings in the Wider Caribbean and Indo-Pacific regions for hundreds of community stakeholders on coastal and ocean conservation and resource management issues and has taught several classes at the university level.  For more information on TCHA see www.tchoffmann.com.

Contact Information:
Email: tegan@blueearthconsultants.com
Phone: (510) 268-8207
Website: http://www.blueearthconsultants.com

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