C. Brock Woodson

Affiliated Researcher, Former Early Career Science Fellow

Specialties: Climate Change, Coastal and Nearshore Environment, Coral Reefs, Dead Zones and Hypoxia, Ecosystem Health, Fisheries, Hydrodynamics, Marine Technology, Ocean Acidification

C. Brock Woodson was an early career science fellow at the Center for Ocean Solutions; he is now an assistant professor at the University of Georgia's College of Engineering.  He continues to work with the Center on the development of a Kelp Forest Observatory and on techniques for model-data comparisons for marine larval dispersal.  His interests include coastal oceanography, biological-physical coupling and behavior effects on dispersal, community structure, biodiversity and ecosystem functioning in marine systems. Woodson uses targeted process studies, observation and modeling techniques to understand how coastal ocean dynamics, turbulence and mixing affect marine biotic interactions. He also works on the integration of marine science and policy, specifically between ocean observation and marine protected area monitoring.

He holds a B.S., and M.S. and a Ph.D. in civil engineering, all from Georgia Institute of Technology. He was a research scientist with the Environmental Fluidics Mechanics Lab at Stanford and an early career fellow at the Center.

Contact Information:
Email: bwoodson@uga.edu
Phone: (404) 307-5331

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