Camille Parrain

Affiliated Researcher

Specialties: Spatial Ecology and Analysis

Camille Parrain is an associate professor at the University of La Rochelle and collaborates with the Center for Ocean Solutions to bring a human perspective to the study of a peopled seascape. Her research focuses on bringing an ocean-centered view and interdisciplinary perspective to marine research. Her research has been awarded as being innovative by the Association Française de Géographie and focuses on marine space (spatialisation, representation, participatory approaches) and the definition of seascape as an interdisciplinary concept. Camille earned a Masters in Geography and studied the seascape of Cape Verde islands and  representation and use of marine space by the sailing community. She did her PhD in the University of La Rochelle and focused on the open sea as a human territory with the example of sailing that led to a holistic approach through the concept of seascape. After her PhD she was a post doctoral researcher in Nantes as an interdisciplinary project manager focusing on fishing, in Brest where she worked on human activities typology in order to develop methods for the observation of human activities. 

Camille’s research aims to show that ocean users have a strong link to the environment and to understand the sense of place at sea. Camille's reserach spans both the Atlantic (Azores, Canary Islands, Madeira, Cape Verde) and Pacific Oceans (Hawaiian Islands).