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Alexandria Quan

Alexandria Quan

Communications Assistant
Humanities and Sciences

Alex (she/her) is a communications assistant at the Stanford Center for Ocean Solutions. She joined the team in April 2022. As a communications assistant, she develops social media content, writes news stories about current and upcoming ocean initiatives, and supports the COS team in sharing their research.

Alex is an undergraduate student in the Humanities and Science program and pursuing her B.A. in Human Biology. She works with many ethinic student organizations across Stanford to provide leadership opportunities to youth. She has also worked with professors to conduct eDNA research to advance whale migration studies. Alex has been an advocate for ocean conservation since her time volunteering with the Oregon Coast Aquarium in high school and is passionate about how social and physical sciences intersect in all of her work.

In her free time, Alex loves to swim, surf, and go hiking with her dog. She is motivated to promote sustainability in all professional sectors and across cultural divides.