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Hanna Payne

Hanna Payne

Communications Intern
Earth, Energy & Environmental Sciences

Hanna is a communications intern at Stanford Center for Oceans Solutions. She is a senior majoring in Human Biology, with a focus in Conservation and Sustainability. She is also a coterm Masters student in the Earth Systems Environmental Communications Program, with a focus on coastal and ocean policy.

Hanna is interested in the role of small island nations and coastal communities in adapting to a changing world. She hopes to use her time in her masters program to better understand how community based resource management in small island and coastal contexts fits into broader global goals of sustainable resource use. During her undergrad, she studied in a variety of different locations, including the South Pacific, Hawai’i, Seychelles, South Africa, and Patagonia, and she places a strong importance on interactive and place-based learning in understanding ocean issues.

In her position at Stanford Center for Ocean Solutions, Hanna is interested in sharpening her communication skills to better bridge the gap between science and the public. In her free time, she enjoys diving and photography, and learning to combine the two.