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Natasha Batista

Natasha Batista

MUIR Fellow
Earth, Energy & Environmental Sciences

Natasha is a MUIR Fellow for the Stanford Center for Ocean Solutions. On the Palau Project, she works on identifying strategies for maintaining food security through the implementation of the Palauan National Marine Sanctuary. 

Natasha completed her B.S. at Stanford in Earth Systems, with a focus on the Oceans, Atmosphere, and Climate, along with a minor in Modern Languages. She studied and conducted biological field research in a variety of locations, including the Hopkins Marine Station, Palau, the South Pacific, and Slovenia, and learned about the dynamic ecological and physical systems of the ocean and how they affect coastal communities. 

As an M.S. student in Earth Systems, Natasha is focused on marine conservation, outdoor education, and environmental justice. Her time as a teaching assistant for the Wrigley Field Program in Hawai’i and Stanford@SEA inspired her to explore effective methods for implementing sustainable community-based resource management. In particular, she hopes to better understand how island nations can combine traditional forms of coastal and land management with modern practices and scientific research to address food security. In her free time, Natasha enjoys jumping into the water, exploring the outdoors, and trying new foods.