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Neil Nathan

Neil Nathan

Research Assistant
Earth, Energy & Environmental Sciences

Neil is a Research Assistant with the Stanford Center for Ocean Solutions working on the Sustainable Ocean Economies Initiative with a focus on Palau's National Marine Sanctuary implementation.

He is a current M.S. student in the Earth Systems department at Stanford, focusing on international environmental policy and marine management. Neil spent time studying coral reef ecology and marine conservation in places like Palau, Australia, the Gal√°pagos, and Monterey, CA during his undergraduate career. His research experience has motivated him to pursue ocean conservation through the lens of international policy and advocacy, so he is excited to work on projects involving the Micronesia Challenge and the Palau National Marine Sanctuary.

In his free time, Neil loves to be outdoors, whether he is diving, hiking, reading, or napping. He also loves to play music with others, with a particular passion for cello and guitar.