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Stanford at Our Ocean Palau 2022

Stanford at Our Ocean

The Republic of Palau models a culture of conservation. For generations, the archipelago’s people have been at the forefront of maintaining traditional practices and implementing policies that balance development with conservation of cultural and environmental resources. The most recent example is the establishment of the Palau National Marine Sanctuary in January 2020. Unlike other marine protected areas, it encompasses the nation’s entire population at its heart.

On April 13 and 14, Palau will share its visionary leadership on a global stage when it becomes the first large ocean state to host the Our Ocean Conference. Launched by the U.S. State Department in 2016, Our Ocean convenes government, civil society and industry representatives to identify solutions for ocean protection and commit to concrete actions. Stanford Center for Ocean Solutions Co-directors Fiorenza Micheli and Jim Leape will play key roles in several areas of action this year, helping to facilitate a session on sustainable fisheries and aquaculture and a side event to strengthen blue food commitments. Stay tuned for conference updates below and explore ongoing research collaborations among Stanford scientists and Palauan partners.

A wave of hope for Our Ocean

Q&A with Center for Ocean Solutions Co-directors Fiorenza Micheli and Jim Leape

Blue food traditions & culture in the Pacific

Q&A with Blue Food Assessment researcher Caroline Ferguson and Our Ocean panelist Ann Singeo

Our Ocean Conference livestream

Catch up on all the conference sessions to watch panel sessions and commitments.

Key partners mobilize action on blue foods

At a side event, a multi-sectoral group of stakeholders outlined efforts to bring blue foods into the heart of the ocean agenda and mobilize action toward greater recognition and adoption of this vital resource.

Blue Food Virtual Exhibition Booth

An on-site and virtual exhibition booth highlighted scientific research from the Blue Food Assessment, global collaboration through the Aquatic Blue Food Coalition and regional action through the Pacific Community (SPC).

Advancing Sustainable Fisheries and Aquaculture

Fiorenza Micheli led a session on actions needed for sustainable, equitable, profitable and resilient small-scale fisheries and aquaculture. Learn more about advancing sustainable fisheries and aquaculture, one of six areas of action at Our Ocean.

Our Ocean Palau 2022 Conference

Visit Our Ocean's official website

Learn more about COS partnerships in Palau

School of fish swimming underwater.

Key insights for managing ocean change and supporting food security through large-scale marine protected areas.

Palm trees on an island surrounded by ocean.

Strengthening and enabling regional and national coordination for marine resource management throughout Micronesia.

School of surgeonfish swimming underwater.

Optimizing environmental DNA (eDNA) detection in nearshore and offshore environments, and operationalizing an eDNA biological monitoring program in Palauan waters.

Analyzing how the digital ABALOBI platform empowers Palauan fishers and drives socioeconomic outcomes.

Diver snorkeling over coral reef.

Building capacity for researchers at the Palau International Coral Reef Center and beyond to manage and creatively visualize data .

Understanding the cultural and environmental impacts of protecting the ocean surrounding Palau.

Learn more about Stanford partnerships in Palau

A Stanford-led study highlights that local food production and traditional practices are key to resilience.

Join the Palau International Coral Reef Center to hear from Steve Palumbi of Stanford's Hopkins Marine Station as he presents his work on heat resistant corals in Palau.

Stanford and Palau Community College students study links between human and natural systems through an interdisciplinary seminar in Palau.