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Big Blue Live Recap

November 3, 2015

Visit the Big Blue Live webpage.
If you missed Big Blue Live...

Big Blue Live examined the marine life of Monterey Bay. Photo credit: Kelp at Point Lobos, Amit Patel, 2013, Flickr CC BY 2.0

Inspired by Steve Palumbi’s book The Death and Life of Monterey Bay, Big Blue Live told the story of the amazing environmental come-back of California’s iconic Monterey Bay after decades of destruction and decline. Each of the three nights— broadcast live from the Monterey Bay Aquarium—featured live footage of amazing marine life such as humpback whales summering in the Bay, resident sea lions and sea otters, a giant blue whale, killer whales and underwater footage of the many intriguing species found in Monterey’s coastal kelp forest.


The Center for Ocean Solutions was proud to participate in the lead-up to Big Blue Live with an NPR interview featuring COS early career fellow Jesse Port, who discussed his role in COS’s collaborative Environmental DNA project which received early funding from the Stanford Woods Institute's Environmental Venture Projects (EVP) seed grant program.


Additionally, COS contributed a story about ocean tipping points to the Monterey Bay Aquarium’s blog, highlighting the key role sea otters play in maintaining healthy kelp forest environments. Big Blue Live also presented 360-degree footage of a vibrant kelp forest (best viewed on a mobile device) developed by COS- and other Stanford Woods-affiliated researchers.


Missed the broadcast? You can still check out all the episodes on the Big Blue Live YouTube channel.

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