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Bluefin Futures Symposium: Examining the global fate of bluefin tuna

November 3, 2015

Photo Credit for above: Marco Care, Marine Photobank


The Bluefin Futures Symposium is being held in Monterey, California from January 18-20, 2016.  This event will bring together the world’s foremost bluefin experts to discuss key issues to shape a sustainable future for the planet’s struggling bluefin tuna populations.


The purpose of the three-day symposium is to provide a venue for science and ocean planning to come together for bluefin fisheries management and to identify goals for securing the future health of bluefin populations worldwide. Hosted by the Monterey Bay Aquarium and Stanford University, the symposium will address a number of important issues including the latest scientific knowledge of all bluefin species (Atlantic, Pacific, and southern), current and future fishery management tools, the economics of the bluefin tuna industry, climate change impacts on bluefin tuna populations and much more.


The Center for Ocean Solutions and the Stanford Woods Institute for the Environment are proud to sponsor the Bluefin Futures Symposium, which will feature several COS-affiliated experts and advisors. Julie Packard, executive director of the Monterey Bay Aquarium, will provide the welcome address on the first morning, followed by keynotes by renowned tuna researcher Dr. Barbara Block of Stanford’s Hopkins Marine Station and Maria Damanaki of The Nature Conservancy. Dr. Robert Dunbar of Stanford University will also give a keynote address on day three. 


Attendees of the Bluefin Futures Symposium will have the opportunity to hear diverse points of view from the Australian Southern Bluefin Tuna Industry Association, Baja Aquafarms, NOAA and The International Seafood Sustainability Foundation, plus representatives from several other international management bodies, industry, academia and NGOs working to advance tuna conservation.  


For more information or to register, please visit their site.

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