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Highlighting 2019 High-Tech Ocean Research at Stanford

January 9, 2020
Image credit: P. Bourgain

In celebration of the new year, Stanford News recently published a "2019 in Review" story focusing on oceans, highlighting the high-tech ocean research and solutions that have been in the works over the past year.

The piece, titled Stanford’s high-tech ocean solutions research in 2019, explores new technologies in the field of ocean science. These advances have helped scientists at Stanford and beyond study a huge range of ocean issues, including warming seas, climate change, sustainability, fisheries, biodiversity, and coastal hazards. Additionally, such technologies are helping researchers and policy-makers have more informed decision-making power when it comes to protecting our oceans and the communities that rely on them. 

The piece features work by Stanford's Center for Ocean Solutions. “For millennia, our ability to protect the health of the oceans has been hampered by the fact that it has been impossible to know very much about what is happening in the water or even on the surface,” said Jim Leape, COS co-director, in a Q&A on food security. “That is now rapidly changing, as new sensors in the water, on satellites, on boats and even on fishing nets provide a new era of transparency in the use of ocean resources.”

Read the full piece here > 



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