Amanda Heidt

Communications Intern

Specialties: Coastal and Nearshore Environment, Marine Genetics, Ocean Education, Science Communication


Amanda is currently a third-year Master's student in the Invertebrate Molecular Ecology lab at Moss Landing Marine Laboratories. Broadly, she is interested in questions regarding community ecology, invertebrate zoology, invasive species, and scientific communication. Her thesis research focuses on patterns in diversity among meiofauna, small infaunal marine organisms, and how these patterns may be shaped by the physical environment. In an attempt to identify key players in the meiofaunal community, she uses high-throughput sequencing approaches to link molecular DNA "barcodes" to individual species. Amanda graduated from University of California, Santa Cruz, with a BS in Marine Biology and a minor in chemistry in 2013. Outside of the lab, she enjoys travel, rock climbing, diving, camping, and cooking. 

She is also a MARINE Student Liaison for Moss Landing Marine Labs since 2017.