Caitlin Crain

Early Career Fellow - Science

Specialties: Coastal and Nearshore Environment, Ecosystem Health

Caitlin was the first early career fellow to work with the Center for Ocean Solutions in 2009.  Caitlin is a coastal ecologist with general interests in conservation and community ecology of ecosystems at the land-sea interface.  Her expertise is in estuarine wetlands and has studied these systems from local to landscape scales to understand natural patterns and drivers of shifting plant communities across estuarine salinity gradients.  She is interested in how human activities have impacted coastal systems, how these stressors cumulatively alter ecosystems, and how to best maintain healthy functioning coastal ecosystems into the future.

Currently, Caitlin does contract work as a writer and researcher on coastal conservation projects and is based in the northern San Francisco Bay Area. She has taught classes at University of California, Santa Cruz where she was also a postdoctoral fellow funded by The Nature Conservancy’s Global Marine Initiative and the National Center for Ecological Analysis and Synthesis.  Caitlin received her PhD from Brown University in 2006 where she worked in coastal marshes and rocky intertidal communities from Maine to Patagonia, Argentina. Before entering graduate school, Caitlin served as an Americorp Watershed Leader, developing a volunteer stormwater sampling protocol in southern Maine to identify sources of fecal bacterial pollution closing coastal clam flats. Caitlin has been a graduate fellow at the Wells National Estuarine Research Reserve in Maine and received a Walter B. Jones memorial award from NOAA for excellence in coastal and marine graduate research.

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