David Titley

Advisor, Professor of Practice, Department of Meteorology at Pennsylvania State University

Specialties: Climate Change, Polar Research

David Titley is a Professor of Practice in the Department of Meteorology at the Pennsylvania State University and an Adjunct Senior Fellow at the Center for New American Security.  He is also Founding Director of Penn State’s Center for Solutions to Weather and Climate Risk. Titley served as a naval officer for 32 years and rose to the rank of Rear Admiral. Titley’s career included duties as Oceanographer and Navigator of the Navy and Deputy Assistant Chief of Naval Operations for Information Dominance.  His Pentagon tours included serving as Senior Military Assistant for the Director, Net Assessment in the Office of the Secretary of Defense and initiating and leading the US Navy’s Task Force on Climate Change. After retiring from the Navy, Dr. Titley served as the Deputy Undersecretary of Commerce for Operations, the Chief Operating Officer, at the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.

Dr. Titley holds a Bachelor of Science in meteorology from the Pennsylvania State University.  From the Naval Postgraduate School, he earned a Master of Science in meteorology and physical oceanography and a Ph.D. in meteorology.  He is a member of numerous advisory boards and has served as member and co-chair of National Academies of Science committees on climate and ocean matters.

Dr. Titley was elected a Fellow of the American Meteorological Society in 2009 and was awarded an Honorary Doctorate degree from the University of Alaska Fairbanks in 2011.

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