Elena Finkbeiner

Early Career Social Science Fellow

Specialties: Fisheries

Elena Finkbeiner is an Early Career Social Science Fellow at the Stanford Center for Ocean Solutions. In her work with the center, she aims to incorporate FAO guidelines on achieving small-scale fisheries sustainability to create a guidance document accessible and useful for funders and practitioners.  Her goal is to combine her passion for science and working with people to affect positive change on the ground promoting environmental sustainability as well as healthy and resilient human communities.

Elena earned her PhD in biology at Hopkins Marine Station of Stanford University, Masters in Environmental Management at Duke University, and BS in biology at UC Santa Cruz.  Her research prior to joining the center has been interdisciplinary, focusing on achieving sustainability in small-scale fisheries from an environmental and human well-being perspective.  For her PhD work, Elena used both quantitative and qualitative methods to carry out a comparative case study among small-scale fishing cooperatives on the Baja Peninsula in Mexico, investigating issues of governance, sustainability and resilience.  She loves her work because it keeps her close to the ocean where she can hone her skills as a water woman in her spare time.

Contact Information:
Email: elenamf@stanford.edu
Phone: (925) 528-9050

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