Elizabeth Lam Gagneron

Former Education Assistant

Specialties: Ocean Education

Liz joined the Center for Ocean Solutions as an education intern in October of 2015. She completed her Masters degree at Moss Landing Marine Labs in 2016 with a focus in biological oceanography. Her research interests involve aquatic invasive species and the prevention of their spread through commercial ballast water tanks. Her thesis focused on determining the most effective testing method for evaluating ballast water treatment efficacy by comparing an array of molecular and physiological techniques. As a part of the Golden Bear Facility, which acts as an official testing location for ballast treatment vendors, Liz has sailed around the South Pacific and throughout the Mediterranean aboard the training ship Golden Bear. Before she entered grad school, Liz completed her undergraduate studies at UC Berkeley in molecular and cell biology and economics. She went on to work as a software engineer and then as an account manager for an educational technology company in Silicon Valley. After years of volunteering at the Seymour Discovery Center at UCSC, she realized that the ocean science field is where she wanted to be. Liz spends her very little free time playing sports and board games and getting to the beach as often as she can.

Liz is now a California State Sea Grant Fellow at the State Coastal Conservancy in Oakland, CA.

Contact Information:

Email: lizlam@stanford.edu

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