Elizabeth Ramsay

Communications Intern

Specialties: Ocean Conservation, Ocean Education, Science Communication

Elizabeth is the science communications intern at the Stanford Center for Ocean Solutions. She joined the team in October 2016. She has a Bachelor of Science in Marine Science from California State University Monterey Bay. During her undergraduate years, Elizabeth was involved in a data collection project that evaluated the effectiveness of the Marine Protected Areas in Monterey Bay. In her junior and senior year, she conducted a research project north of Santa Cruz and in Big Sur that focused on the direct and indirect community interactions between a common intertidal alga and invertebrates. She is now in her third year at Moss Landing Marine Laboratories under Dr. Michael Graham working towards a Masters of Science in Marine Ecology with a concentration in the biology of seaweeds.

During her time at CSUMB and into her time at MLML, Elizabeth volunteered as an adult mentor at the Monterey Bay Aquarium with the Student Oceanography Club. Her main role was to provide guidance and direction to junior high school students conducting research. Elizabeth also worked as an Ambassador for the Monterey Bay Aquarium from 2014-2015 providing interactive interpretations of the exhibits, behind the scenes tours, and communicating scientific concepts such as sustainability and conservation. In her last few months she also created and implemented interpretive services for deaf guests using American Sign Language.

Elizabeth hopes to take an interdisciplinary approach to conservation and sustainability through effective and entertaining communication with the public. In her free time she enjoys scuba diving, hiking with her dog, camping and reading a good book.

Contact Information:

Email: eramsay3@stanford.edu

Phone: 714-717-1616