Elliott Hazen

Affiliated Researcher

Specialties: Climate Change, Climate Change Adaptation, Cumulative Impacts, Fisheries, Tracking Animal Movements

Elliott Hazen’s research interests span oceanography and fisheries ecology to climate change modeling, specifically examining marine species-habitat relationships, predator-prey dynamics and climate projections on marine top predator biodiversity. His publications address a range of topics from fine-scale foraging ecology of top predators to modeling the effects of climate change on top predator habitat and biodiversity. In addition, he has co-authored papers reviewing ecosystem management and human dimensions, and he is currently working on creating ecosystem indicators for the California Current large marine ecosystem. He received his doctorate in ecology from Duke University in North Carolina, followed by a National Research Council fellowship with NOAA’s Environmental Research Division in Pacific Grove, California. He is currently a research oceanographer at the University of Hawaii with an appointment at NOAA in Pacific Grove.

Hazen is leading a number of projects examining the foraging ecology of large Pacific predators from blue whales to bluefin tuna to better understand how these animals use their marine environment. In addition to modeling projects, he is involved with ongoing field research in the Gulf of Maine and Southern California. He has visited all seven continents as part of his field research, including Antarctica, the Bahamas and the central tropical Pacific. When not in the office, Hazen is probabaly outdoors where he is expanding his photographic portfolio, scuba diving or both.

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