Jeffrey Koseff

Affiliated Researcher

Specialties: Coastal and Nearshore Environment, Coral Reefs, Estuaries, Hydrodynamics, Ocean Acidification

Jeff Koseff is the Perry L. McCarty Director of Stanford Woods Institute for the Environment, the William Alden Campbell and Martha Campbell Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering and the Michael Forman University Fellow in Undergraduate Education, all at Stanford University.

His work focuses on the interaction between physical and biological systems in natural aquatic environments, and in particular on turbulence and internal wave dynamics in stratified flows, transport and mixing in estuarine systems, phytoplankton dynamics in estuarine systems, coral reef and kelp-forest hydrodynamics, chemical sensing in the marine environment, and coastal upwelling processes. Long-term research projects include understanding the transport of mass and energy in estuarine systems such as San Francisco Bay, and understanding how the coral reef systems of the Red Sea and Hawaii and the kelp forest systems of California function.

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Phone: (650) 736-2363

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