Laura Anderson

Communications Intern

Specialties: Science Communication

Laura is a communications intern at the Stanford Center for Ocean Solutions. She joined the team in February 2018. Laura is a sophomore Biology major focused on marine biology and science communication. Broadly, she is interested in understanding how ocean ecosystems work and how human interaction can hurt or help those ecosystems. This past summer, she took a five-week summer course on kelp forest ecology at Stanford’s Hopkins Marine Station, where she studied organisms in Monterey’s kelp beds, performed long-term data analysis on kelp forest health and did scientific dives to collect research data in the field. Laura will return to Hopkins Marine Station this Spring to continue her studies of both marine ecosystems and ocean policy.

Laura hopes to share her passion for marine conservation through positive and engaging communication with the public. In her free time, she loves going hiking, cheering on the Washington Nationals and playing saxophone in the band.