Noah Idechong

Advisor, Senior Fisheries Advisor of Palau Conservation Society

Specialties: Climate Change Adaptation, Coral Reefs, Ecosystem Health, Fisheries, Pacific Nations, Tropical Ecosystems

Noah Idechong is the Senior Fisheries Adviser to the Minister of Natural Resources, Environment and Tourism, the Honorable F. Umiich Sengebau and currently serves as the Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Palau International Coral Reef Center. Idechong combines traditional and modern knowledge to develop comprehensive models of marine conservation. His extensive work with Palau has played a major role in protecting the island's marine resources. He also advises The Nature Conservancy on coastal fisheries and tuna fisheries management issues in Palau and Micronesia.

Idechong retired in January 2013, from the House of Delegates, OEK (Palau National Congress) after serving 12 years representing his state of Ngiwal.  His role in Congress included 8 years as the Chairman of the House Standing Committee on Resources and Development, (2001-2008); concurrently serving as as Vice Speaker from 2007-2008; and the Speaker from 2009 until his retirement in 2013

In Congress, Idechong devoted his time to advance legislative solutions to environment and conservation issues affecting Palau.  He worked with colleagues to enact dugong protection laws, shark protection laws and other ocean resources protection measures.  His hallmark achievement is the development of the Protected Areas Network Act and Green Fee from conception to implementation over a 10 year period.     

Before joining Congress, Idechong was the founding Director of the Palau Conservation Society which he led for six years (1995-2000).  From 1983-1994, he worked for the Palau Government's Division of Marine Resources to develop and manage fisheries, the last 5 years as the head of that Division.  

He also directed the administration of the Trust Territory Government's aquaculture station, the MMDC in Palau, for 6 years (1978-1983). He had a stint as a Palau High School classroom teacher from 1976-1977, after earning a Bachelor of Business Administration degree from Hawaii Pacific College in Honolulu in 1976.

Idechong has a passion for fishing, snorkeling and diving. 

(Photo courtesy of Goldman Environmental Prize.)

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