Stephen Palumbi

Affiliated Researcher

Specialties: Coral Reefs, Evolution, Marine Genetics

Stephen Palumbi is the director of Hopkins Marine Station.

Professor Palumbi's research focuses on genetics, evolution, conservation, population biology and systematics of a diverse array of marine organisms.  He is a Senior Fellow at the Stanford Woods Institute for the Environment and a Harold A. Miller Professor in Marine Sciences.  He has contributed a wealth of scientific literature informing issues such as the genetics and evolution of sea urchins, whales, cone snails, corals, sharks, spiders, shrimps, bryozoans and butterfly fishes.  Professor Palumbi’s published books include Marine Reserves: An Ecosystem Tool for Marine Management and Conservation and The Evolution Explosion, which provides a critical look at the intersection of evolution and high-tech modern life. He has also contributed to films to enhance science communication including the BBC/Animal Planet TV series The Future is Wild, Urban Shark Hunting, Resilience on the Reef and The Secret Life of Whales.  Professor Palumbi moved his laboratory from Harvard University in August 2002 to Stanford University's Hopkins Marine Station.  He received his B.A. in Biology from Johns Hopkins University and his Ph.D. in marine ecology from the University of Washington.

Contact Information:
Phone: (831) 655-6210

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