Steven Bograd

Affiliated Researcher

Specialties: Climate Change, Dead Zones and Hypoxia, Fisheries, Tracking Animal Movements

At the Center for Ocean Solutions, Dr. Steven Bograd is a member of the “Climate Change and Pelagic Predators” and “Patterns, Drivers and Consequences of Coastal Hypoxia in the California Current Large Marine Ecosystem” Working Groups. His research is focused on physical-biological interactions, eastern boundary current systems, climate variability, marine biologging, and fisheries oceanography. He is currently involved in a number of research projects studying climate variability and its impacts on the marine ecosystems of the North Pacific Ocean.  Steven was co-Principal Investigator of the Census of Marine Life’s Tagging of Pacific Predators (TOPP) program, and is currently an Associate Editor at Fisheries Oceanography and an Academic Editor at PloS ONE. Steven received his PhD in Oceanography from the University of British Columbia in 1998, and held a post-doctoral fellowship at Scripps Institution of Oceanography before coming to NOAA in 2001.

Contact information:
Phone: (831) 648-8314

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