Whit Saumweber

Affiliated Researcher, Former Visiting Fellow

Specialties: Environmental Law and Policy

Whit Saumweber is a visiting fellow at the Center for Ocean Solutions. Whit has a PhD in biological oceanography from the University of Rhode Island and comes to COS with extensive experience working on science to policy issues in Washington, DC. Most recently, Whit was a Program Manager and Policy Advisor at NOAA's Office of Coastal Management, and before that the Deputy Associate Director for Oceans and Coasts and Deputy Director of the National Ocean Council at the White House Council on Environmental Quality. 

Throughout his two decades of work in ocean science and policy, his goal has been to improve the stewardship of our oceans and coasts by using science to support a more informed public discourse and improved public policy. He brings extensive experience across the Federal government, working in Congress, the White House, and Agencies, leading and coordinating strategic ocean and coastal policy initiatives that engage a broad range of participants and stakeholders.

During his time with the Center, Whit will work on more strategically linking the Center’s scientific research to policy, helping to identify key leverage points and impact opportunities for the Center’s work at the national policy level. Whit will also be researching specific issues related to implementation of President Obama's National Ocean Policy, building on the Center’s years of research on the human and ecological dimensions of ocean planning and ecosystem-based management.

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