The Center for Ocean Solutions Team

The skills, knowledge and expertise availible at the Center for Ocean Solutions spans marine and social sciences as well as law, representing the Center's interdisciplinary approach to problem-solving. Our team combines innovation and solid research to solving the intermediate and long-range challenges facing ocean health.
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Meg Caldwell

advisor, deputy director, oceans, the david and lucile packard foundation

Meg is a former executive director of the Stanford Center for Ocean Solutions. She now leads the Packard Foundation's Oceans and Fisheries teams.

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Maria Damanaki

advisor, global managing director for oceans at the nature conservancy

Maria Damanaki leads a global team focused on transforming how the world manages its oceans. Her work includes sustainable fisheries management, large-scale protection and restoration of coral reefs and other ecosystems, coastal resilience and a quantification of the value of the world’s oceans. 

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Chad English

advisor, science program officer, david and lucile packard foundation

English has spent the last decade working at the intersection of science, policy and communications. He has shaped a career around building a better exchange of science and information.

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Noah Idechong

advisor, senior fisheries advisor of palau conservation society

Noah Idechong combines traditional and modern knowledge to develop comprehensive models of marine conservation. His extensive work with Palau has played a major role in protecting the island's marine resources.

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Michael Mantell

advisor, president of the resources legacy fund

Michael Mantell founded the Resource Legacies Fund to help design and administer initiatives for philanthropic foundations and individuals that result in significant conservation achievements.

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Julie Packard

advisor, executive director of the monterey bay aquarium

Julie Packard is the executive director of the Monterey Bay Aquarium and has served in that position since the Aquarium opened in 1984. With a mission to inspire conservation of the oceans, the Monterey Bay Aquarium is widely acknowledged as a leader among aquariums worldwide.

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