The Center for Ocean Solutions Team

The skills, knowledge and expertise availible at the Center for Ocean Solutions spans marine and social sciences as well as law, representing the Center's interdisciplinary approach to problem-solving. Our team combines innovation and solid research to solving the intermediate and long-range challenges facing ocean health.
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Ralph Rayner

advisor, director of energy and environment at bmt group

Rayner uses more than 25 years of experience in oceanography and consult and guide maritime services and government agencies on ocean issues. He is also a Professorial Research Fellow at the London School of Economics.

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Robert Richmond

advisor, director and research professor at university of hawai'i at manoa, kewalo marine lab

Richmond works to strike a balance between basic and applied research. He uses research results to inform the management and preservation of tropical marine ecosystems and marine biodiversity. 

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Joe Rizzi

advisor, founder of jupiter research foundation

Rizzi founded Jupiter Research Foundation in 2003 to develop new technologies that can monitor the natural world and report the findings to the public. He has helped launch many companies, including SanDisk Corporation and Symantec.

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David Titley

advisor, professor of practice, department of meteorology at pennsylvania state university

Titley served as a naval officer for 32 years. He now informs numerous advisory boards and committees on issues of climate and oceanography.

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