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Science for the Ocean's Future: Coral Reefs

Stanford marine biologists discover an ancient group of genes in coral species that predict when they are under stress and might bleach.
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December 1, 2012

Can Coral Reefs Survive the 21st Century?

Future Forum, a production of ABC News - Australia, broadcasts a panel discussion among experts on coral from the International Coral Reef Sym

September 25, 2012

Stanford Scientists Wire the Kelp Forest

Former Early Career Fellows steer a team that's wiring a kelp forest to gather data important to monitoring ocean health and climate change.

April 1, 2012

Larry Crowder presents at TEDx Monterey: "Restoring the Relationship Between People to Oceans."

Larry Crowder, Center Science Director, presented at TEDx Monterey, an event designed to bring awareness to ocean conservation and research innovation.