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Image of Richard Nyiawung over photo of coastline with boats.

Listening to stories of the sea

Richard Nyiawung cares deeply about listening to fishers and their stories in his work as a postdoctoral scholar.

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The Stanford Center for Ocean Solutions catalyzes research, innovation, and action to improve the health of the oceans for the people who depend on them most. 


Our team includes experts in ocean science, engineering, computer science, political science, design, and business.


We partner with businesses, governments, non-governmental organizations, and research institutions.


We engage with decision-makers by bringing research insights and innovations into policy dialogues across the globe.

Insight to Impact

We work with partners across the globe on initiatives that translate research insights into solutions at scale.

Oceans & Food

Building a community of researchers investigating the many connections between oceans and the global food system.
Woman fishers gleaning sea cucumbers in Palau.

Sustainable Ocean Economies

Developing approaches and tools to support the small island developing states of the Pacific in their efforts to integrate development and conservation.
ocean ice

Managing Ocean Risk

Fostering collaboration between top researchers, conservationists, and entrepreneurs committed to solving ocean health challenges.
small scale fishing

Small-Scale Fisheries & Tech

Working to use human-centered design approaches to identify new technologies that can help fishing communities manage their resources