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Register for OceanVisions2019 Climate Summit
How to reduce the impact of climate change on the oceans
A view from above: Stanford researchers are using satellite data to study Earth
California’s new Fourth Climate Assessment analyzes ocean & coastal issues
Interested in collaborative ocean-based climate solutions? Registration is now open for the OceanVisions2019 Climate Summit, which brings together scientists, engineers and other stakeholders to work towards a healthier planet. Registration ends October 30.
A new study, published in Frontiers in Marine Science, is the first of its kind to assess and compare the potential of the 13 most-discussed ocean-based solutions, instead of studying the effectiveness or the cost of just one measure.
California is embarking on an effort to launch its own satellites to study pollutants – an approach many Stanford researchers have taken advantage of to better understand our changing planet.
California’s new Fourth Climate Assessment analyzes ocean & coastal issues

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