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Small-Scale Fisheries and Technology Workshop
Ocean Visions Initiative drives ocean optimism
How can global partnerships help conserve the ocean? | Q&A with Stanford Center for Ocean Solutions’ Jim Leape
New Paper: Safe Harbors: The case for marine monuments and sanctuaries
Stanford’s Center for Ocean Solutions and the Environmental Defense Fund recently held a workshop on the roles of technology in improving the environmental and socio-economic performance of small-scale fisheries.
The Ocean Visions Initiative (OVI), a collaborative effort co-organized by Stanford University's Center for Ocean Solutions and Woods Institute for the Environment, the Smithsonian Ocean Portal, Georgia Tech's Ocean Science and Engineering Program and the Scripps Center for Climate Impacts and Adaptation, was created to highlight current and past successful ocean initiatives while driving the ocean optimism movement forward.
Stanford Center for Ocean Solutions Co-Director Jim Leape spoke recently about his involvement with Friends of Ocean Action, a global initiative to help conserve and sustainably use the world’s oceans.
A policy article published Wednesday in Frontiers in Marine Science, Safe Harbors: The case for marine monuments and sanctuaries, outlines the ecological and economic benefits that support the creation and care of marine sanctuaries and monuments.

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