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A Conversation with NYT reporter Ian Urbina on his new book, The Outlaw Ocean
Food Security and the Ocean | Q&A with Co-Director Jim Leape and Professor Roz Naylor
September 19: Early Career Science Fellow Collin Closek discusses environmental DNA research at The Hydrous Ocean Salon
Critter tracks: Monitoring marine ecosystems with environmental DNA
Join COS co-director Jim Leape for a talk with New York Times reporter Ian Urbina on Ian's new book, The Outlaw Ocean.
Our growing need for food poses one of the biggest threats to the environment. Examining contributions from the ocean more closely can be key to addressing the challenge.
On September 19th, former Early Career Science Fellow Collin Closek talks environmental DNA and monitoring biodiversity at an Ocean Salon.
An innovative sampling approach could shed light on marine communities long after animals have gone.

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