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New Positions Available for COS Researchers
Co-Director Fiorenza Micheli Discusses Oceans and Food Security at Carnegie Science
New IPBES Global Assessment Informs Ocean Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services Goals
April 23: Ocean Design Fellow Erika Woolsey Presents Ocean Virtual Reality at National Geographic
Want to be part of building solutions for current and future ocean issues? We're hiring a data research scientist with a focal interest in the application of emerging technology and data sciences towards addressing ocean issues.
On May 14th, Co-Director Fiorenza Micheli shared insights from a recent Oceans and the Future of Food initiative at a Carnegie Science seminar.
A recent Global Assessment Report from IPBES features work done by Deputy Director Elizabeth Selig on global biodiversity and key international Sustainable Development Goals. 
On April 23rd, Ocean Design Fellow Erika Woolsey leads an underwater virtual reality journey through Palau at the National Geographic Headquarters in Washington, D.C.

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