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New Release : Summer 2018 E-Newsletter
Expanding and Strengthening Social Responsibility in Fisheries | A conversation with Elena Finkbeiner
Stanford experts examine potential unintended implications of new National Ocean Policy
Stanford policy and climate experts discuss ways to secure communities and military installations in the face of increasing flooding
Our summer e-newsletter highlights a quarter of ocean solutions. From fisheries to technology, policy to storytelling, our team works to solve major problems and create a healthier ocean for future generations.
Elena Finkbeiner, Research Fellow with Stanford’s Center for Ocean Solutions and Postdoc Fellow with Conservation International, recently discussed her work on social responsibility in global fisheries. 
The federal government rescinded the Obama-era National Ocean Policy and replaced it with new policies intended to promote jobs and national security. Stanford experts examine potential unintended implications.
Storm season is upon us, the federal flood insurance plan is broken and sea level rise continues unabated. Stanford climate and policy experts Alice Hill and Katharine Mach look at issues related to rising seas with an eye toward increasing resilience and security.

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