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Student Engagement

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With the goal of mentoring future ocean leaders, the Stanford Center for Ocean Solutions (COS) engages with a range of Stanford students on applied ocean science, policy, or legal topics. COS works with interested students from any Stanford program or other academic institutions if research interests are particularly well-aligned or students are from communities involved in our initiatives. Different types of engagement include:

  • Mentorship of Student Research: COS staff mentor students in directed research or capstone projects. The student and mentor agree on the scope of work and the student receives academic credit for the work.
  • Externally Funded Internship: Programs such as the Stanford in Government program or the Mentoring Undergraduates in Interdisciplinary Research (MUIR) Fellowship can provide external funding for a student internship to work on COS projects. COS staff, the student, and the internship program collaboratively develop the research focus, and students receive financial compensation directly from the internship provider.
  • Paid Research Assistant Position: COS hosts paid internships to aid in our research efforts that support our applied projects. The scope of work is determined by COS staff and the student receives financial compensation. For more information, see our existing student biographies and check our employment opportunities

For specific questions on engaging with COS efforts, contact COS Research Development Manager Eric Hartge.

Student Spotlights

Students work with COS in a wide array of different capacities, from assisting with communications efforts to conducting research on marine management and policy issues. Read about some of their experiences and projects below.

Q&A with MUIR Summer 2021 Fellows

Student Team Spotlight 2021

Initiatives and Research

For additional details on the applied research efforts within our range of current initiatives, see the links below. For updates on more recent research projects and relevant interests, reach out using the contact information above.

Current Initiatives

Past Projects