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ocean ice

Managing Ocean Risk

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To manage emerging ocean uses and unprecedented levels of ocean impact from climate change, overfishing and pollution, we need new tools to anticipate tipping points, and to identify management and policy options for avoiding such catastrophic shifts.

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Sunset over ocean.

Ocean Visions

Fostering collaboration among researchers, conservationists and entrepreneurs committed to solving ocean health challenges

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Buoy on ocean.


A co-design test bed to synchronize and evolve technology solutions for industry, ocean science, and conservation

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Gender & Fisheries

Supporting gender equity and equality in the seafood sector and beyond

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Ocean Sand

Putting sand on the ocean sustainability agenda by highlighting its relevance for ocean risks and resilience

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Kevin Arrigo
Donald and Donald M. Steel Professor of Earth Sciences
Margaret Levi
Sara Miller McCune Director for CASBS, Professor of Political Science and Senior Fellow at the Woods Institute for the Environment

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