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A call for low-cost marine technology

As part of an effort to support innovations in ocean management, Stanford Center for Ocean Solutions and Synchro collaborators are calling for applications for low-cost technology.

Technologies like sensors and water samplers can provide high-quality data on ocean conditions around the world, but these technologies can often be too expensive for widespread use. As decision-makers increasingly turn to the ocean to identify opportunities for climate solutions like carbon sequestration or coastal resilience, there is a growing need for novel low-cost marine technologies that could reduce the financial barriers associated with scientific research and data collection. Using these technologies, local communities and government entities could make more informed decisions about management strategies or climate planning based on the status of the marine environment and other ocean conditions. 

The Stanford Center for Ocean Solutions is part of Synchro, a collaboration working to achieve widespread adoption of marine technologies that help us better understand, manage, and sustainably access resources in an ever-changing ocean. Synchro is hosting a call for emerging, low-cost marine technologies that can meet ocean management needs. Users within the Synchro network of community members, government and NGO representatives, practitioners, engineers, and scientists will evaluate the technologies and help provide feedback. 

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