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The Monterey Area Research Institutions' Network for Education (MARINE) program is now being hosted under the University of California at Santa Cruz's new Coastal Science and Policy (CS&P) program.

MARINE provides professional development opportunities to prepare future ocean leaders for interdisciplinary, real world problem-solving. MARINE is a collaboration between UC Santa Cruz Coastal Science & Policy Program and seven Monterey Bay area academic campuses.

MARINE’s primary audience are interdisciplinary graduate students and early career professionals interested in coastal and ocean-related topics within our seven campus network:

CSU Monterey Bay
Moss Landing Marine Labs
Middlebury Institute of International Studies at Monterey
Naval Postgraduate School
Stanford University
Stanford Hopkins Marine Station
UC Santa Cruz

Each campus is represented by volunteer MARINE student and faculty liaisons. Both advise and inform program development from each campuses’ perspective.

The MARINE Program

Throughout the year, MARINE offers a variety of activities to enhance graduate marine education, including cross-campus short courses, workshops, and seminars.  Events aim to provide leadership opportunities for graduate students to build skills in communication, collaboration and innovation – skills critical to their success as future ocean leaders.  In addition, MARINE provides a variety of networking events throughout the year as a means to develop a community of ocean professionals in the Monterey Bay area.  Larger events, such as the MARINE Oceans Colloquium, bring together all of our partner campuses to share current thinking and are offered at a central location each year. Smaller events, designed to bring together the ocean community at each of our partner campuses, are offered at each campus, each quarter.

Short courses

Since 2009, MARINE has offered a variety of short courses for graduate students to aid their professional development as future ocean leaders. The courses also provide students with the opportunity to interact with key interdisciplinary ocean experts. Such courses include ocean policy, interdisciplinary problem solving and our ocean leadership practicum, and most are offered every other year.

Short courses include those in our Wicked Problems series and our Ocean Policy Course.


MARINE workshops aim to provide skill development opportunities for graduate students and early career professionals. A variety of full and half-day workshops are offered each year, focused on core concepts of ocean leadership: communication, innovation and collaboration.


The MARINE seminar series looks to broaden understanding of current ocean issues relevant to the Monterey Bay region through the lens of interdisciplinary problem solving. Seminars are offered each quarter throughout the academic year, and provide unique networking opportunities for MARINE students, early career professionals, faculty and researchers, whilst interacting with expert regional speakers. MARINE seminars are listed in our upcoming events. Watch past seminars on our YouTube channel.

Campus Networking Events

MARINE liaisons at each campus organize a variety of networking events each quarter to help build and develop ocean interested communities at each of our partner campuses. Contact your local marine liaison if you are interesting in finding out about upcoming networking events at your campus.

Conference Mixers

Participants from the MARINE community are often at large national conferences. MARINE helps organize mixers to bring these participants together to maximize the conference experience.

Annual Oceans Colloquium

The Oceans Colloquium is a student-run conference-style event that offers students, postgraduates, faculty and staff in the MARINE community the opportunity to showcase their research and current projects from the past year, whilst networking with others.